Starting Blogging Again

My daughter Ember with her Red Ryder in the Utah backcountry after her first day shooting

I used to have a blog. Life changes and financial difficulties over the last few years led to that prior blog falling off the Internet.

This is a new start. I’m not working fourteen hour days with ten hour breaks. I have the time to blog again.

I’m going to try to publish at least one post per day. There could be politics and there might be fiction, but I can guarantee you’ll see my daughter, fishing, shooting, occasional geocaching, and photos of wide open spaces in Utah.

I hope you’ll follow along and enjoy the adventures along the way 😎👍

Domain Name Purchased!!!

So, my old domain with the .com top level domain that I used to have has been taken over by someone who’s clearly not really using it and just hoping someone will buy it. I figured I’d look around for a good alternate top level domain while keeping the original first part.

There used to be only a few readily available top level domains like .com, .net, .biz, etc., but times have changed. Some of the available top level domains that are available include:

My new domain name isn’t one of those, but I promise you’ll laugh!!!

I’m working on getting actual paid hosting for a WordPress blog setup right now. There are a few really good reasons for not just using my new domain name with an upgraded account here on wordpress.com and I’m looking for a good, budget minded host.

Stay tuned and I’ll be back soon!

Time For a New Domain Name?

I’m going to stay on free blogging and email platforms for a while due to financial reasons. That said, I’ve been shopping for domain names.

My old domain with the .com got bought up by someone looking to make a buck while leaving BS on a website. I’m thinking I’ll probably get a new root. Not .com, not .net, not anything you’re probably familiar with.

This should be fun 😉

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